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TEST $120 Sale Special $90 Skip

Starting Fra: kr.120,00  kr.90,00
Du får: 25% avslag
Product is $120

Special is $105

Sale Price is $90 or 25% - Skip Products with Specials

- Red $100.00
- Orange $50.00
- Yellow $75

Select from Below:
Small $50.00
Medium $75.00
Large $100.00

Gift Options:
- Dated Collector's Tin $50.00
- Autographed Memorabila Card $75.00
- Wrapping $100.00

NOTE: Select from below is defined as a Display Only Attribute and NOT to be included in the base price.

The Display Only means, the customer may NOT select this option value. If they do not selected another option value, then the product cannot be added to the shopping cart.

The NOT included in base price means, if this product were priced by attributes, it would not be include. The reason for this is so that the lowest price of this group will be the Small at $50.00 and not Select from Below at $0.00

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  • Modell: Test120-90-10-Skip
  • Vekt: 1kg
  • 1000 stk. på lager

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Dette produktet ble innført i vår butikk mandag 05 januar, 2004.

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